I am a web developer, author and explorer from France. I studied web design in the capital where I got a Bachelor's Degree in Summer 2013.

I am a curious, stubborn kid with a real thirst for knowledge.

I can..

  • Develop a fully responsive website in HTML5 and CSS3.
  • Handle front-end features with Javascript, jQuery and Ajax.
  • Architect the back-end of a website with PHP and MySQL.
  • Make use of front-end frameworks (Bootstrap) and CMS (Wordpress, Drupal).
  • Speed up complex projects with pre-processors (Less, SASS).

I am currently available for work!


I also write..

I am still new to it, but writing has quickly become a new passion of mine. I am currently working on Killer of the Void, a science fiction tale inspired by movies, books and video games alike!

I have a blog coming up where I should be posting about it. This website is rather new though, so don't expect too much from it yet!

.. and explore.

I love space, our universe and more specifically exploring in games such as Elite: Dangerous. I feel the level of curiosity is what defines someone's ability to learn. Exploring space makes me feel free on a whole new scale and drives me to improve.

The great unknown also makes me harass search engines and devour wikipedia pages on a daily basis. This is also what pushed me to become a writer and how, after filling my head with delicious facts, I can't help but imagine.