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William Ledent
William Ledent

Passionate designer practicing daily. Feel free to get in touch!

  1. Assassination explosion kill execution hole bullet teeth blood skull target logo exploration challenge assassination depictions depiction
  2. Alienation depictions depiction exploration alien alienation beam raindrops droplets drop rainfall rain umbrella
  3. Predation food legs exploration egg hunt prey spider black widow depictions depiction
  4. Annihilation space star explosion destruction annihilation exploration depictions depiction
  5. Revolution revolution solar system moon space planet challenge logo exploration depictions depiction
  6. Simulation negative space dome disc reflection star sun city wheel cog illustration exploration depictions depiction
  7. Destination speed illustration light device vector tunnel travel star space moon mars exploration earth design depictions depiction challenge
  8. Fiction fiction writing story vampire exploration negative space open book star blood moon quill wings bat depictions depiction
  9. Contamination contamination cell blood virus challenge depictions depiction exploration logo
  10. Liberation liberation opening shadow structure core challenge exploration logo depictions depiction
  11. Warbeetle the exoverse company logo beetle war warbeetle
  12. Letter E - Eruption emotion emblaze eruption exploration alphabet letter e letter e
  13. Sharp.ink Logo drop liquid shadow pen red vector negative space space negative redesign design logo ink sharp sharp.ink
  14. The Exoverse the exoverse negative space outline core ring planet logo
  15. Quazar Nova the exoverse vector quazar logo exploration rebound space black hole star light implicit motion quasar design letter q q letter
  16. Celtic Knots Keys clover negative space for sale exploration logo keys key knots knot celtic triquetra
  17. Infinity Hourglass for sale vector hourglass time sand infinity infinity symbol exploration logo
  18. Wargroove Factions game video game outlaws heavensong floran felheim cherrystone banners wargroove factions faction logo banner vector
  19. ClearMem pcb chip memory icon logo clearmem
  20. resir014 semicolon code logo resir014
  21. Specialized Electronic Systems negative space low voltage electronic nodes node residential building house ses logo
  22. Rocket League SVG Ranks svg vector free badge badges freebie champion diamond platinum gold silver bronze rank ranks video game rocket league
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